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About Parto Medical Engineering

The largest in the Northwest

We are the largest manufacturer of medical equipment and medicine in the northwest of the country, which experiences are among the manufacturers of this equipment, we have accounted for a major share of production

Medical Engineering

Professional design industries

Medical Engineering Parto with the work of the expert group of the country's best industrial designers, our products with excellent quality and provide our customers

We are proud to whatever you have in your mind or sample outside of the product you produce rare and forbidden you; you do not pay the cost of design, product design for Us.

technical support

Department of Biomedical Engineering technical support beam, its full readiness for full support for products purchased from the company's and our customers if you have any questions or need support, you can contact us.

To contact technical support group of the listed company can use.

Phone : 02128425464 Email : فکس : 04134439118


Medical Engineering beam, since 1384 Enjoying committed and skilled staff, its activities in the design and manufacture of medical equipment has started and with the help of grace right now is proud to present the new equipment Physiotherapy. The company has been manufacturing the highest quality and the highest level of achievement that present and proud. We believe our customers are the basis of our work in all areas of common interest and customers' transactions on the principle of win – Win think. Heart believe we offer the lowest cost and the lowest selling price for their products, taking into account the profit margin is fair. We globalization and constant presence and manufacturer in this field think and believe in the implementation of modern management methods and innovative in the development and supply of our products.

R & D Team

Diba Parto medical engineering company to realize its goals, the company's research and development group for evaluation, statistics and reporting, thus providing a mechanism for reporting and analysis provided by the consumer modify and change the problems has set up the beloved. جهت ارتباط با مدیر گروه تحقیق و توسعه از طریق آدرس ایمیل استفاده کنید

Group R & D

Technical support team Products

Another important gains that have been set up to honor our customers, technical support and after-sales department, which aims to provide technical support and solutions for the correct use of products and the provision of services Buy products in the fastest possible time to our beloved customers.

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